Theology & Scripture: why memorize and meditate?


When we read Scripture, we are reading an eternal book, and as regenerate beings (saved by grace through faith in Jesus), we too are eternal. When we approach God and his word, we do so in faith. God gives us faith to believe and we express our faith thro

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How to Memorize Scripture: a Definitive Guide


Scripture memory is a broad topic but it is also a niche subject. There are many paths that could be explored on the mountain of memorizing Scripture. In many ways, meditating on God’s word and remembering it later is a central concept in Christiani

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The Letter of Paul to the Ephesians


Ephesus was an important port city and contained the temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The city was a bustling metropolis with a stadium, gymnasium, athletic field, agora, theater, temple and of course new Christian churche

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The Joy of the Lord is my Strength


The joy of the Lord is our strength. When I hear the word joy, I often think of either the fullness of joy that Jesus gives his followers or of the joy we have amidst seemingly impossible circumstances. James, the brother of Jesus, talks about this latter

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The Three Deadly Sins


I recently read the book of Romans and was encouraged to better understand God’s purpose and plan in brining all nations and peoples to himself through mercy and grace. When we read books of the Bible from chapter to chapter, and all at once if poss

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Reading the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians


Last night I read the book of Galatians by the Apostle Paul. It’s 6 chapters long and took me about 15 minutes to read. It’s helpful and instructive to read the New Testament epistles all the way through, from one chapter to the next because t

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