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SonicBiblia helps you live victoriously and apply God's truth to life through visual engagement, Bible reading and Scripture memory.

Here is how it works

Explore God's Word

Explore God's Word to find a Bible verse or passage

Or search by book, theme, keyword or passage.

Choose a Bible Verse

Choose a Bible verse to memorize

Click on any verse to listen to the lesson or save it to your playlist.

Click the Bible icon to read or listen to the Bible from the chapter of the selected verse.

Experience an audio-visual lesson

Experience an audio-visual lesson

Look, listen and repeat for 10 - 15 minutes and you can memorize any verse!

Read and Listen to the holy bible

Read & Listen to the Holy Bible

Read God's Word and experience the ESV® Audio Bible come to life!

Review your verses

Review your verses

See what verses need to be reviewed based on our Graduated Interval Recall methodology

Browse all the verses you've memorized, located in your Archive.

Check your progress

Check your progress

See a snapshot of your progress over time.

View verses memorized by week, month or year.

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